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Linda. I'm 20. Texas State Bobcat. This is my tumblr. I post random thoughts, pictures, and other things. I like to reblog, a lot. Uh...yeah. Follow me if you want. I tend to follow back. So yeah. ~Linda~

Woke on Facebook..reads like 10 articles about Ladies Code..Rise still hasn’t woken up, has stopped breathing 3 times..Sojung has regained consciousness, Sojung and Eunb’s mothers giving support to Rise’s family..Heechul’s message on Instagram..M!Countdown’s tribute to’s just too much..I started crying again..I don’t remember the last time I smiled..I’m constantly scared I’m going to get on Facebook/Soompi/Allkpop and find that Rise has passed away as well..I don’t want to go to class..but I have to..I have Victorian Lit and Pop Culture today..and then I’m done for the week..I hope Pop Culture can cheer me up, even if just for a little while..sigh..this is just all too much..

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